Building Rentable Areas
Area 1355 Market 1 TENth Total
Rentable 729,279 RSF 337,909 RSF 1,067,188 RSF
Floors / Size
Floor 1355 Market 1 TENth
11 39,077 RSF  
10 43,581 RSF 34,950 RSF
9 56,339 RSF 34,950 RSF
8 76,388 RSF 34,950 RSF
7 76,388 RSF 34,950 RSF
6 76,388 RSF 34,950 RSF
5 76,388 RSF 34,950 RSF
4 76,388 RSF 34,950 RSF
3 76,388 RSF 34,950 RSF
2 70,457 RSF 33,606 RSF
1 61,497 RSF 24,703 RSF
Total 729,279 RSF 337,909 RSF
1355 Market: The building has new operable windows throughout.
1 TENth: Full building re-cladding planned with Viracon glass panel curtain-wall system.
Building Security
24/7/365 professional security staff. Elevators and lobbies are secured by a card access system at all times at 1355 Market Street; building lobbies have CCTV systems with monitors located at the main lobby security desks.
Lobby Details
Major lobby renovation underway at both 1355 Market Street and 1TENth.
1355 Market: 6 new passenger elevators within the new office core serving floors 1 through 11; 4 existing historic passenger elevators modernized to Class A standards; 1 freight elevator and 1 gurney elevator.
1 TENth: 4 passenger elevators in one bank, which were modernized in 2006; 1 freight elevator. 1 hydraulic, 2-stop shuttle elevator that serves the basement, garage and lobby.
Ceiling Heights
1355 Market Street: "Slab-to-Slab" floor height measurement 1 TENth: "Slab-to-Slab" floor height measurement
Floor Main Building 9th Street Addition Main Building
11 10'8" 10'8" N/A
10 10'10" 10'10" 11'4"
9 10'8" 10'11" 11'4"
8 10'9" 10'9" 11'4"
7 10'8" 10'9" 11'4"
6 10'8" 10'8" 11'4"
5 10'8" 10'9" 11'4"
4 10'8" 10'8" 11'4"
3 14'0" 14'1" 11'4"
2 10'8" 10'8" 13'7"
1 14'4" 15'10" 17'0"
BSMT 13'1" 13'0" 11'3"
1355 Market: Four 480 V/277 V 400A normal utility power electrical services & building distribution feed from the PG&E downtown network,
ready to accept additional tenant improvement build outs.
1 TENth: Two 480 V/277 V 400A distribution boards for ground floor retail. Two 480 V/277 V 1200A risers for tenant light & plug loads on floors
2 thru 10.
Emergency Power
1355 Market: New 750 KW, 480 V/277 V emergency generator and distribution system for core & shell emergency and standby loads.
1TENth: 150kW 480 V/277 V emergency generator and distribution system for core & shell emergency power loads and base building standby loads.
1355 Market Street:
  • The building is cooled floor-by-floor with water-cooled units complete with full airside economizer capability. Conditioned water shall be provided by roof mounted cooling towers and pumped to the premises. Variable speed drives provide for energy efficiency for all major pieces of equipment requiring 24/7 cooling.
  • The systems have sufficient cooling and heating capacity to maintain an average inside temperature of 75FDB at perimeter zones during summer, 72 FDB at interior zones during summer and 70 FDB at all zones during winter, based on 0.5% conditions ASHRAE standards for minimum/maximum exterior temperature and humidity.
  • Internal heat loads for the general office areas are assumed to be calculated based on occupancy levels of one person per 150 square feet, lighting loads of 1.0 watts per square foot, and miscellaneous power loads of 1.5 watts per square foot.
  • Outdoor air ventilation shall be 0.15 CFM per square foot, per California Title 24 requirements.
1 TENth
  • Primary ventilation is from six roof top air handlers with fan coils and VFDs that provide 100% outside-air all of the time.
  • Mechanical cooling is accomplished by utilizing a 670T (nominal) Chiller with VFD; and pumping the chilled water to the six roof-top air handlers.
  • Mechanical heating is accomplished by utilizing two 3000MBTU condensing natural gas fired boilers and pumping the heating hot water to reheat coils throughout tenant suites. The VAV reheat coils will be installed during tenant improvement build outs.
  • Roof-top mounted, new 400GPM evaporative cooling tower to support a closed-loop condenser water system for tenant supplemental cooling heat rejection and ground floor retail.
Column Spacing
1355 Market has a consistent 20'-0" square column grid from basement thru 11th floor, except as noted:
  • 9th Street Wing Column Line A/B = 25'-0" center/center
  • Column Line 20/21 = 24'-11-1/2" center/outside face of wall
  • Column line 5/6 = 24'11-1/2" center/center
1 TENth has a consistent 20'-0" square column grid from basement thru 10th floor, except outside perimeter bays, as noted:
  • Column Line 1/2 = 21'-0" center/center
  • Column Line 14/15 = 21'-0" center/center
  • Column Line A/B = 21'-0" center/center
  • Column Line F/G = 21'-0" center/center
Mass Transit
The Property offers outstanding access to public transportation (BART, METRO, and MUNI trolley and bus lines) and provides convenient access to highways 101, 80 and 280.
An on-site underground parking garage provides for attended parking of 350 vehicles.
Fire Safety
1355 Market: New fire alarm system.
1 TENth: New building core & shell addressable fire alarm system ready to accept additional tenant improvement build outs. Full fire sprinkler coverage including the parking garage. Elevators have fire recall panels. Fire standpipe stations are provided at each floor level. An emergency fire pump is located at the basement level. Electric fire pump and a diesel engine driven fire pump.
Diesel Fuel
1355 Market: Fuel capacity to power building generator for approximately 12 hours.
1TENth: KVA emergency generator for building life safety back up with new day tank fuel capacity to power base building generator for approximately 24 hours.
Building Location
1355 Market Street (between 9th, 10th and Stevenson Streets), San Francisco, CA 94103
1 TENth Street (between 9th, 10th, Stevenson and Jesse Streets), San Francisco, CA 94103
OFFICE: Shorenstein Realty Services, L.P


Jim Collins – Vice President, Leasing
Tom McDonnell – Vice President, Leasing

RETAIL: Cornish & Carey Newmark Knight Frank


Julie Taylor – Senior Vice President
Erika Elliot – Senior Associate, Retail Specialist
SRI Nine Market Square LLC
Shorenstein Realty Services, L.P.
Bill Whitfield - General Manager
Lindsay Schamber - Property Manager

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